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This site provides accurate information about all major exchange rates, you may want to covert rands into dollars, or vica versa. If you have no clue about how an exchange rate works you can image it being like a ratio in maths, for every Rand you have you are entitled to a certain amount of Dollars or any other currency for that matter, this ratio is how you calculate the exchange rate. Since the Rand is weaker than the dollar you will get less than a a full dollar for every Rand you provide. This is the exact opposite if you have Dollars, every single dollar can buy many rand depending on the strength of the Dollar to Rand.

One must also note that many international transactions are priced in dollars, and the dollars exchange rate is affected by many things, and it is a simple matter of supply and demand, there are many other factors that should be considered like investor safe havens, political resolutions and even by Treasury notes that can be converted easily into dollars, and are auctioned daily. Lastly a Dollar can also be affected by currency held by other foreign governments. The important fact about the dollar is how it affects our Rand, many goods and services are imported into South Africa, if the rand is weak we pay more for imported goods, this later affects how much we pay for petrol, food, and everyday needs. Currency devaluation or manipulation is a common occurrence in many countries, they try to devaluate the strength of their currency to make it cheaper for outside countries to import their goods. The exchange rate is fixed to make their products very cheap for other countries. So, very basically. You should now understand that when something is in higher demand, generally, its currency will rise. Conversely, when something is not in demand, the price will decline. has been running for a few years now with most of our visitors coming from South Africa, the exchange rates are updated daily with a history of the currency also kept on our site, at any time you can view a currency and its past 10 days performance. You are welcome to come back as often as you like to calculate your currencies, since exchange rates are never fixed.
Today's Exchange Rates
    Japan Britain Canada Euro United States South Africa India Australia China
 1 Euro = 129.03 0.9016 1.5175 1 1.1609 17.2753 82.6735 1.6109 7.9219
 1 USD = 111.1465 0.7766 1.3072 0.8614 1 14.881 71.215 1.3876 6.8239
  1 GBP = 143.1122 1 1.6831 1.1091 1.2876 19.1607 91.6964 1.7867 8.7865
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