New Zealand Dollar to Litas Exchange rates for last 15 trading days
All Currencies below are measured against the New Zealand dollars
On the 24 December 2014 the NZD currency was trading at 1.9657 to the LTL, a -10.01% change from the day before. 5 days earlier on 18 December 2014 the NZD was trading at 2.1769, a 1.19% change from the previous day. Note, these are calculated daily, Our Currency Converter is a guide and not exact as the markets could change by the hour.
24 December 2014NZD - LTL1.9657(-10.01%)
24 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1843(-0.22%)
23 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1892(0.2%)
22 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1849(-0.09%)
19 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1868(0.45%)
18 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1769(1.19%)
16 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1513(0.07%)
15 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1497(-0.17%)
10 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1534(0.42%)
09 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1443(-0.4%)
08 December 2014NZD - LTL2.153(-0.96%)
03 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1738(-0.29%)
01 December 2014NZD - LTL2.1801(0.26%)
28 November 2014NZD - LTL2.1744(0.49%)
25 November 2014NZD - LTL2.1637(-1.16%)
24 November 2014NZD - LTL2.1892(218.92%)
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