The most expensive South African car to maintain
What is the most expensive South African car to maintain, in a recent study it has been reported that the most expensive car to maintain and fix is the mini. Thats the trouble with driving a nice expensive car, it has all the fancy electronics toghether with the latest technologies and yet they cant seem to compete with the older cars that seem to go on and on forever.

Full maintenance plans

It is worth mentioning that most cars like the Mini Cooper, Mercedes bens or any Audi do come with a Full maintenance plan, this allows you to visit a dealer whenever there is a problem with the car. You would then only start seeing these costs after the first 5 years when the motor plan expires.

Ask before you buy

You may purchace a new motor vehicle for its status or you may simply like the colour but most consumers really do need to consider the true costs of owning a particular motor-vehicle. A top level vehicle could cost more than R150,000 . In South African a motor-plan is almost a given with such a vehicle whereas in the USA or Europe it is actually an optional extra, so we South Africans are spoilt I would say.

There is also a price difference between getting your car fixed at a dealership and a private garage. Many garages often offer a much better service that competes directly with the franchise dealers. Often a franchise would charge a high price just to diagnose a fault on a PC board of the newer motor-vehicles simply because a private garage does not have the machinerty necessary to fix the same problem.

Buying Second hand.

Second hand cars are not only cheaper they are also most often easier to fix, the parts are usually easier to get and most garages can diagnose and repair any problems quickly and cheaply. If your child wants a new car to get to University it may not always be a good idea to purchace a top of the range motor-car for them, simple is sometimes much better.

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