Rand holds strong to the dollar
The South African Rand held strong against the US dollar on Monday the 18 June, the rand remains strong even though it has dropped from last weeks highs. Last week the rand was trading at R8.4667 to the US dollar, this was partly due to the risks assosiated with Greece and the problems in the Eurozone.

The rand was trading slighly higher than Its close on Friday but most of those gains were lost at the close of the day. At 15:00 the Rand was trading at R.8.34 to the US dollar, however the rand has lost slighly to the Euro and was last trading at R10.52 a slight drop from fridays close.

So what does this mean

Well if you had R100,000 what kind of exchange could you expect, well R100,000 would be worth 11,988.71 US dollars or 9,501.28 Euros

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Rand holds strong to the dollar
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