Greece coalition could solve financial problems
The greek government should be able to get the numbers to form a coalition between them, this could be a provide a good chance for Greece to solve its financial problems. These two parties seem to have a common goal towards sticking to the bailout package and keeping Greece in the Euro.

The other parties that won seats in parliment would tend to be parties that want to tear up Greeces bailout agreement. This should become a coalition government that will broadly support its bailout commitments with Brussels.

Will Angela Merkel budge?

This new coalition would also try renegotiate some of the terms of the bailout but German chancellor Angela Merkel has been tight lipped about any chance of extending the bailout from perhaps two years to four years. She has said in Mexico at the G20 summit that [Greece must stick to its commitments made.]

There may however be a slight changes seen in the agreement as long as the thrust of the bailout are kept.

Euro Divided, should it ease up on Greece

As leaders in Europe remain divided with regards to Greece, many EU officials have said they would renegotiate the terms of its second financial bailout.

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