G20 meeting involving South Africa
The BRICS are a group involving Russia, India, South Africa, China and Brazil that are the largest emerging markets in the world. These countries are making an additional contribution to the IMF, this money could be channeled to Europe if the crisis there spreads.

These countries are also pushing for reform within the IMF that is widely dominated by the United States and Europe, the BRICS would like to have a say in how that money gets spent and allocated. President Vladimir Putin of Russia has also stated he would like a more balanced IMF and a better tool to react to global financial problems.

Vladimir Putin on Syria

Whe asked about Syria Vladimir Putin has stated it is nobodies right to decide for the country who is their leader and who is not but the Syrian people themselves. From Obamas statement it is clear that the United States will be pushing for regime change.

Putin and Obama have had a very long meeting behind closed doors for about two hours, the leaders then came out with a joint statement that both Russia and the US do share one goal that sees a peaceful Syria where Syrians can decide their own future however they may differ slighly on how to reach that goal.
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G20 meeting involving South Africa
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